Saturday 16. January 2021



You yourself are best placed to know how your organisation operates. My role is in supporting you to make optimum use of this knowledge.


If necessary and sensible, for example as part of more extensive management development programmes or during organisational development (OD) processes, I offer a number of organisational consultancy and management development services (together with other experienced consultants with whom I have collaborated successfully for many years), in order to make an effective contribution to the further development of your organisation.

Offers include:

  • Leadership development
    • Strategic development of programmes
    • Development needs analyses
    • Conducting seminars, supporting “experience-based learning”
    • Executive coaching
  • Facilitating group meetings and workshops
  • Consultancy and support for team development processes
  • Supporting and advising on change projects


Kontakt: Mag. Bernd Lunglmayr I E-Mail: I Tel.: 0699 17237601